Simple Ways for Tenants to Save Money While Renting in Columbia, SC

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On average rent is generally the principal concern for everyone’s budget. On average, American tenants spend 35% of their gross income on their rent and rent- related costs. Fortunately, with Property Management in Columbia, SC there is no need for you to rob a bank to keep a roof over your head. With some simple ways, you can save money when leasing.

Negotiate with the Landlord

Before, signing a rental agreement or renewing your lease, take the time to chat with your Columbia Property Management or Landlord and try to negotiate with them. Sometimes if you are keen on signing a longer rental agreement, they may agree to cut down on your monthly rent. If they do not seem interested in reducing your monthly lease, try to have them include parking or utilities in your rent.

Find Roommates

Another, reliable way to economize on your rent is to find roommates to share your apartment or home with you. Use advertising platforms like Craigslist to find suitable roommates to share rent with you as this will make your living expenses cheaper and always remember to have a new lease agreement set up with your property manager or Landlord.

Referring Tenants

Furthermore, you can talk to your property manager or Landlord and ask them to give you a rent cut back if you help them find new renters. Occasionally Property Management companies Columbia, SC will decrease your rent for a month if you assist them in filling vacant properties.

Decorate it yourself

You can easily make your apartment feel like home by decorating in moderation. Do you love photography? Grab your camera, start clicking away some beautiful imagery, and use them as decorations around your home. Alternatively, do you have an artistic hobby place your artwork on display in your apartment?

Furnish Economical

If you are renting an apartment for the first time and in the process of furnishing, take advantage of online advertising sites to find cheap or free furniture. Talk to family and friends as they may just have some furniture that they are trying to rid of. There is no need for buying new furniture for your place as you can save money by taking the opportunity in using others unwanted furniture.

Keep an Eye on Utilities

As a Columbia, SC Property Management team, we know how expensive utilities can become! You need to keep your eye on utility expenses as they can drain your budget quickly. Turn off lights when leaving a room - do not leave water running when brushing your teeth. When replacing light bulbs fit them with energy efficient lighting as making small changes to your utility use will save you big time.

Benefit from Apartment Facilities

Do you have a monthly gym membership and your apartment has a gym on-site then it is time to cancel that membership? Why spend a fortune on outside facilities when you can utilize facilities on site that is included in your rent!


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