Green Property Management

green property management

In today’s world, more and more people are concerned about the environment. As a Property Manager, this means that you too must be concerned with the environment in all that you do. Providing Green resources for your properties and residents will help ensure a happy and healthy living environment.

There are many options you can employ when seeking to make your properties more Green. Some of those avenues may require significant investments by the property owners. However, these one-time investments could result in long-time quality residents as well as recognition in the community for being environmentally friendly.

Some of the more costly investments might include installing low-flow toilets in the units to reduce the use of water. You might also recommend landscaping options that reduce the need for pesticides and excessive watering. Although these options are on the higher end of the spending scale, there are also many options that are much less expensive but also very affective.

Provide recycling options for your residents. In most areas of the United States, recycling is very important to consumers. A lot of the local garbage and waste companies have recycling options available. If your provider doesn’t offer recycling options, find someone who does. Providing recycling options to your residents and your property as a whole will score you big points with consumers and the community.

Another good avenue to consider is going paper-less. Allowing your residents to submit maintenance requests, pay their rent and communicate with you via electronic means will significantly cut down on the paper required to run the property on a day-to-day basis. You can hire a web designer to create a website or modify your existing website to allow for online application processing, bill paying and communication. There are also many software packages available for Property Management individuals and companies that give you the tools you need without having to customize the software. This is an excellent option as well for reducing your paper output.

Another great idea to save on energy consumption is using energy efficient light bulbs on the property. Especially in apartment complexes or other multi-unit dwellings where there are lots of lights being used every day. Using energy efficient light bulbs can greatly reduce the amount of electricity being used at your property.

Last but certainly not least, educate your residents on Green practices and encourage them to take action in protecting our environment. Have a Living Green column in your property newsletter giving tips and hints on environmentally friendly practices. Make new residents aware of the recycling options and low energy amenities that your property offers. Being environmentally as friendly as possible just might tip the scales in your favor come decision time for a potential resident and could go a long way in keeping quality residents as well.

Making just these few changes can have huge effects on the way your properties are viewed by residents and the community. Take a moment to go over your properties and your business practices. Decide on a few changes at a time and make your residents aware of it. Telling them you’re making changes to protect the environment will build trust and loyalty with your residents. Make them a part of the process too. Ask for suggestions and ideas on making the property more environmentally friendly.

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